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Dentist Reviews
Sean A. Roth Reviews
2310 E. Bidwell St., #100, Folsom, CA 95630
based upon 21 reviews.
5 / 5
based upon 49 reviews.
5 / 5 Yelp 5 Stars
based upon 27 reviews.
4.9 / 5
based upon 879 reviews.
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based upon 7 reviews.
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Posted On: 08/29/2016 To Whom It May Concern:

I started with Dr. Roth and his technicians even before he moved to his nicely adorned new quarters. The music is soft, the Greeters are genuinely helpful and in all the years my husband and I have had our dental work done in Dr. Roth's office(s), never have we had a complaint.

Today 'Karen' cleaned my teeth and be it her technique or her warmth with conversation and good service, I did tell her that I actually 'look forward' to having my teeth cleaned!

If I had a complaint, I would state it, but I have yet to be discontent with any service rendered by any of Dr. Roth's technicians.

Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia K.
Cynthia K Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/29/2016 My cleaning with Jessica as always was thorough and enjoyable Anne G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/24/2016 Very friendly office, from the front desk to the dentist and his staff. Super easy to work with for billing and scheduling. Chris M Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/23/2016 Always a pleasure to visit this dentist Timothy L Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/19/2016 Chipped my tooth and they got me right in and did a fabulous job of fixing it. Look exactly like it did before the chip. Amy M Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/14/2016 Dr. Sean Roth and his employees were very personal and connected with their patients. It was a very good experience and they have an amazing environment. Everyone smiles and wins. Armaan S Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/12/2016 I had so much fun...yes my dental appointment yesterday. Dr. Roth had me laughing so hard I was worried I might make him mess up, but he moves fast and my teeth look great. I had a previous orthodontist cut a slice out of one of my front teeth and Dr. Roth filled it so well, you'd never notice that anything happened.

If you want professional work and an enjoyable visit, definitely go see Dr. Roth.
Christie Y Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/10/2016 Dr. Roth was my dentist as a teenager. Through college and even now in my professional life, I drive 400 miles to have Dr. Roth do my teeth. The technicians are great, no pain and very friendly. Dr. Roth is amazing as well. I highly recommend. Makes going to the dentist, easy-peezy lemon squeez-y. Rebecca B Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/09/2016 Dr Roth is so thorough. I always feel safe and in good hands with him!! Mary W Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/09/2016 My hygienist is simply the best! She is always wonderful to talk to and so so gentle when cleaning my super sensitive teeth. I really appreciate the great care I get at your office. Also every staff member has a wonderful attitude making the overall experience in your office great :) Stephanie T Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/08/2016 I had developed an aching tooth on Friday and deal with it over the weekend, hoping it would get better. It didn't, so I called Dr. Roth's office this morning and they were able to get me in a few hours later! Dr. Roth provided dental services to me quickly and with a positive resolution. I appreciated their flexibility in squeezing me in! Eileen H Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/05/2016 Simple teeth cleaning this time around. Friendly, efficient, and painless. James P Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/04/2016 GREAT CLEANING!!! Jere S Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/03/2016 Always a pleasure. Dr Roth and his staff are by far the best! Tracy O Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/03/2016 What can I say! Love the new office new partner and the great team. I am not one that loves the dentist but I go. Dr.Roth and his team makes it easy. I had gone to another local dentist when l moved to Folsom in 2004. They looked at my mouth and said I need 8 crowns now! I didn't have pain or things falling out of my teeth so I left and didn't go to a dentist for 2 years. I saw Dr Roth's sign and said I give him a try. He told me I might need some crowns but he would do his best to replace the fillings that needed it and smooth off the rest. That sold me. A guy who saw my mouth not as a cash cow! I do have 2 crowns now in the last 4 years but they where needed. I send everyone I know to him and with the expanded practice it will be even better. Cynthia E Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/03/2016 After the prior initial evaluation, this was my first visit to the dental office of Dr. Sean Roth and I am very impressed. The office is brand new, modern, and with state of the art equipment. All of the personnel is friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Pam, my dental hygienist was knowledgeable, extremely skilled, and personable. I would no hesitate to recommend the office of Dr. Sean Roth without any reservation. Silvio R Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/02/2016 I had been seeing Dr Roth for over 12 years then was out of the area. His dentistry is impeccable (anatomically correct!). The staff that he chooses to work with is as great at their jobs as he is the dentistry he can do in your mouth. They are kind, helpful, follow up well and say thank you! Old fashioned feeling in a wonderful modern office Lori B Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/02/2016 Dr. Roth & Staff make a trip to the dentist as pleasant as it could possibly be. Donna R Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/01/2016 Emergency dental care needed an handled personally and professionally by Dr. Roth and his top notch staff! David H Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/27/2016 The staff is amazing. The office is immaculate. Everyone is friendly, and helpful. I love this office, wouldn't go anywhere else. Viki S Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/23/2016 Greatest dentists I've ever been to! High technology and very nice customer service. Tess G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/21/2016 I've been in Folsom for a couple of years now and haven't found a dentist I was completely satisfied with until today! Dr Ross is very thorough and makes you feel comfortable. The office space is great and up to date. The staff are friendly, organized and helpful. Jill C Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/12/2016 I had a great trip to the dentist. Jessica was extremely thorough in cleaning my teeth and also kept me informed on what she was doing and why. I appreciate knowing what is going on inside my mouth while getting cleaned. I am very pleased with her work. And as always Dr. Roth is fantastic! Both profession and personable.
Thank you.
Justine P Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/12/2016 Always an awesome experience thank you Cesar N Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/07/2016 This appointment was for my 11 year old son. He felt very comfortable and really liked Dr. Roth. Dr Roth and staff are professional and friendly. We were given a brief tour of office on way to exam room. Procedure and fees were explained upfront. Dr. Roth is the first dentist that I've seen that I have not worked for. I'm very impressed. Can't wait to get the rest of us appointments. Highly recommend. Jennie S Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 06/29/2016 Noone looks forward to going to the desnist. But this office almost makes me happy to be there. Both docs are fantastic, all the staff is friendly and professional. And their new office is comfortable and modern. I definitely reccomend this office. Tess C Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 06/29/2016 Ever since I met Dr. Roth I started getting so many compliments on my smile - he is a true artist , caring and really good at his craft. They are flexible , proactive , and amazing . I am a patient for life . We all need a dentist who really cares who is really good and calls back on weekends if kids are hurting .

I would highly recommend you visit Dr. Roth !
Tamara V Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 06/28/2016 Everything about my visit was a joy! Kelly was great and Dr. Roth spent a lot of time with me, I never felt like it was rushed. Looking forward to a long lasting relationship with this office! Kristin S Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 06/23/2016 The staff is amazingly friendly and welcoming. I've no complaints. Every time I walk in the door the service is top notch! I highly recommend this dental office everyone that is looking for a new dentist. Dr. Roth and Dr. Kloss show excellent care to individual patients. I actually look forward to going to the dentist because of all of them. Thank you. Julie K Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 06/22/2016 Second visit to Dr. Roth's office. The staff is professional and made me feel comfortable. Happy that I was referred to this office. Jerie S Rateabiz Review
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A Beautiful Smile Is Waiting For You

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