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Dentist Reviews
Sean A. Roth Reviews
2310 E. Bidwell St., #100, Folsom, CA 95630
based upon 23 reviews.
5 / 5
based upon 38 reviews.
5 / 5 Yelp 5 Stars
based upon 26 reviews.
4.9 / 5
based upon 879 reviews.
5 / 5
based upon 7 reviews.
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Posted On: 08/17/2015 My appointment was handled in a timely manner, as always. The dental associates at Dr. Roth's office are professional, friendly, and compassionate. I believe that attitude starts at the top with Dr. Roth. He and his staff make going to the dentist a pleasant experience. When it comes to his work, he is a perfectionist and always looks out for his patients. Thank you. Bev C Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/14/2015 Dr. Roth & his staff are awesome! They are great with both kids & adults. We wouldn't go anywhere else! Rena L Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/14/2015 First visit and I was greeted warmly by the front office staff. Given an office tour which I really appreicated. Dr. Roth took his time explaining my dental issues. He made me feel very comfortable and very confident he would address and treat all my needs. I left feeling very satisfied with my visit and eger to return for treatment. Thank you Dr. Roth and staff!! Leslie B Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/14/2015 with dentistry everything is in the details. If a practice is sloppy with the small stuff, they won't earn my trust for more involved procedures. Dr. Roth sets a high bar for himself and his crew and it really shows. If you need some advanced work done this is the place to go. Bill P Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/14/2015 Dr. Roth & his staff are awesome! They are great with both kids & adults. We wouldn't go anywhere else! Rena L Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/12/2015 From the moment I walk in the door I'm greeted with a smile from Debbie. I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes for my appointment and then the person cleaning my teeth always comes out to get me. It's a nice touch and very personable.

I love everything about this office from the decor to the personal attention. I feel like every person knows me personally.
Leslie H Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/10/2015 To: Dr. Sean Roth
From: Cynthia Kaye

August 10th, I had my teeth cleaned by Jessica who was new to me.
She took her time to be careful, she explained procedures and made recommendations in a very professional manner. Beyond that, Jessica was friendly and warm. She was caring about cleaning my teeth protector which I wear every night. I appreciated the fact that before using the 'whistling' teeth cleaning device, she checked with me to see if I would object - which I didn't and she helped both my teeth and gums with all that she did. Jessica brought in an assistant when measuring my gum depth. I will look forward to my next cleaning appointment with Jessica, February, 2016.
Cynthia K Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/07/2015 The whole staff is always so nice, caring, professional, and generous. They are also fun to chat with. My whole family always has a good experience when we go to appointments. C K Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/05/2015 Dr. Roth is the BEST and the girls who work there are absolutely wonderful. I work in retail, so good costumer service is something I respect and appreciate. Every time I go there, I feel like they are giving a 110%! But in all honestly they genuinely care about who you are and why your there. I have had dental issues since I was 10 years old, before coming to Dr. Roth I've dreaded every dental appointment I can remember. I did not think it was possible to enjoy a dental appointment, but I kid you not almost every time I go I am trying not to laugh or smile while they are working on me. Thanks to Dr. Roth and his team I finally have a complete smile at 22 years old!
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Summer A
Posted On: 07/30/2015 Pam did a great job in cleaning my teeth. She was very professional and competent. Lynn H Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/29/2015 Always look forward to my hour in the massage chair with Karen as she works diligently to give my teeth a thorough cleaning. Karen is just simply the best......the ultimate professional.

Hope she remembers to send me her tips on where to find lang-lang oil with a recipe on how to make my own organic body creams.

And best of luck in Tahoe at the half-marathon.

Nisi R Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/28/2015 Dr. Sean Roth is not only an awesome dentist with superirior skill, he and his team will go above and beyond to take care their patients. His staff of professionals will leave you feeling like you are part of their family with their warm, friendly, professional care. When I faced a dental emergency, I was seen right Dr. Roth. He and his team coordinated same day surgery and followup treatment with exceptional care and expertise. He and his team will stand by you to ensure you have superior results with little hassle. In my experience, and speaking for my daughter and grandchilren, Dr. Roth and his dental team are the absolute best. Michele K Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/24/2015 Caring. Provides the confidence that my needs will be fully met - everyone knows their job. Friendly, makes you feel at ease. Approachable. Dr Roth is a fine leader. More to follow after I have had an opportunity to visit we you some more. Al M Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/23/2015 Today I saw Dr. Ben new dentist nice fellow. I got to say he did know what he was doing and he was able to explain everything he was going to do before he did. Outgoing personality and overall I have to say the whole crew was on the same page I recommend anybody to this dental office 👌🏼 Matt E Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/23/2015 Jessica was awesome as usual. Whatever you do don't lose her. :-) Denny P Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/19/2015 Exceptional service and professionalism. At the same time, the staff is very flexible on last minute things and detail oriented. Catalin B Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/19/2015 Never feel like I am being rushed through the appointment. Methodical inspection and acuteness to detail is the norm. Randall G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/14/2015 As rating... Loredana G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/12/2015 Outstanding customer service and professionalism Viki S Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/11/2015 Dr. Roth provides top notch customer service. I went in for a 4pm appt. and discovered I had 4 cavities...I come from out of town for my dental exams and he was able to squeeze me in the very next morning to accommodate my schedule, I am so thankful for his flexibility and willingness to provide the best services. Additionally his Dental Assistant, Candy, is incredible! She is knowledgeable and has the kindest most calm persona. She made me feel at ease immediately while getting my cavities filled and also educated me on the process. Dr. Roth's office is THE BEST! Oh, and I cannot end this review without mentioning Debbie, the front office receptionist,...she is the definition of SWEET. This office ROCKS! Justine L Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/11/2015 This office makes you feel like you are part of the family. Jen M Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/09/2015 Best dentist office around! Timilyn B Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/07/2015 Wonderful customer service by everyone! Debbie is great! Kayla is darling! Dr Ben is very professional, very polite, and very thorough! And I really enjoyed meeting Dr Sean!

I'm so thankful I am now associated your dental team!

Sincerely, Marilyn
Marilyn M Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/07/2015 I was due for three new fillings. My entire appointment was under an hour. Dr. Sean Roth and his team work efficiently and professionally to provide care for each patient. During the procedure I felt little pain and was able to give input to how my teeth felt after the procedure. I even came back the same day to have a tooth filed and they let me slip right in. I have been impressed with the high quality work I have received. The staff takes pride in their work and always put the client first. They are intentional about quality care and meeting the clients needs. I have been going to Dr. Roth's office for over a year and have been extremely impressed and satisfied with their service and professional, quality care. Kay A Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/06/2015 Dr. Roth and his employees are the only people I trust with my teeth. He was my dentist when I was a teenager and now I'm a young professional living in Los Angeles. After a few bad experiences in L.A., I come all the way back home to get my teeth cleaned at his office. The office is sophisticated, lively and clean. Everyone is very professional and I always feel like my teeth are getting the best care. Honestly, makes going to the dentist fun. Will stay a patient of his as long as I can. Thanks Dr. Roth. Rebecca B Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/06/2015 I love feeling like a valued patient. Dr. Roth and his staff ensure that you feel this way!
The professionalism without the pressure for procedures like I've endured in the past is just an added bonus!
Marian M Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/02/2015 She was fantastic!!!! I always got anxious about having my teeth cleaned. I had the best cleaning I have ever had last Wednesday. She was gentle, kind, and positive. May I have Mrs. Roth in January? Susan S Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/02/2015 When we moved to Folsom in 2008, I needed to find a new dentist. Meanwhile my family and I visited 4 dentists over the 6 year period. After much frustration I was given Dr. Roth's information and made an appointment. After my first office visit I knew I had found the right dentist for my family. The staff are friendly, courteous and professional. I always see the doctor on time and he answers any questions I may have. In addition, my son does not like going to visit the dentist and Dr. Roth makes him feel comfortable and is so friendly that he now enjoys going. Dr. Roth is by far the best dentist I have been to over the last 35 years! Margrit L Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 06/26/2015 So many people put off going to the dentist, or don't go at all, because that six-month check up is so unpleasant. If you feel this way, you're at the wrong dental practice. The entire staff is very professional and pleasant. I have never had a bad experience with the hygienist, Dr. Roth, or any of the staff. Patrice G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 06/22/2015 Your new hygienist is great! Very professional and informative. I almost enjoy going to the dentist. Thank you guys for taking such good care of my family. Josh B Rateabiz Review
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A Beautiful Smile Is Waiting For You
A Beautiful Smile Is Waiting For You

Our office provides smile makeovers to achieve the beautiful, natural look you seek. We can reshape your natural teeth to make them straighter or more youthful in appearance. Our office makes it convenient to those living in or near Folsom to receive great cosmetic dentistry!