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Dentist Reviews
Sean A. Roth Reviews
2310 E. Bidwell St., #100, Folsom, CA 95630
based upon 21 reviews.
5 / 5
based upon 49 reviews.
5 / 5 Yelp 5 Stars
based upon 27 reviews.
4.9 / 5
based upon 879 reviews.
5 / 5
based upon 7 reviews.
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Posted On: 11/06/2019 Fabulous as always! Todd C Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 11/02/2019 Dr. Sean Roth is by far the best dentist I have had in my 60 years of seeing various dentists. I only regret it took me so long to find him. He has replaced various crowns and my teeth have never looked and felt better. Dr. Roth is so good that even though I am moving to So. Cal, I already made my next appointment with him and Pam his hygienist. The entire team treats you like family. Thank you Dr. Roth! Debbie R Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 10/18/2019 Trusting your care to Dr. Roth and his superior staff will prove to you how much it means to your lifelong dental health to have consistently up-to-date and proficient attention given to the overall health of your teeth. You can trust them completely for this vital portion of your medical life -- never, ever neglect it or trust it to less than the stellar attention to every detail you will find in this dental office. They care as much as do you about saving your teeth for life. Best partners you could ever have sharing this journey! Joyce G Google Review
Posted On: 10/17/2019 I went for a cleaning. Natalie was very professional, friendly and experienced. The whole staff is that way. I am glad I chose him as my new dentist. Susan O Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 10/12/2019 Best dentist I have ever had. Professional, warm, and caring. Grateful to God for leading Peggy and me to him. James P Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 10/10/2019 Dr. Roth was a godsend when I needed a serious overhaul with my smile. From the structural and aesthetic process, his office of incredible staff that are compassionate, patient and professional, took care of me like family.

Five implants, two bridges, front veneers, bite correction and a bite guard later, my investment with Dr. Roth who is both a scientist of dental precision and impeeccable artistry, changed my smile, face, self-esteem and health for the best.

My family was stunned at the change. My friends call me 'diamond smile' and now I enjoy taking pictures and smiling really big.

My anxiety of dentistry has changed too. I actually enjoy going to my appointments now! They are the best!

If you're thinking of making this big change, this is the Doctor and staff to go with. You will love the new you. Invest in your health and happiness.
Elana L Google Review
Posted On: 10/07/2019 Dr Roth takes care of my entire family. Very friendly, very gentle. Awesome Dentist. Chris M Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 10/03/2019 As a nervous dental patient, I appreciate the time, care and skill that Pam has during my cleaning appt. Thanks for a good experience :) Amy F Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 09/16/2019 Dr. Roth and his staff make visiting the Dentist a fun experience. Pam is the best Hygienist! Kimm S Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 09/12/2019 Dr. Roth is very personable and does excellent work. He always makes me feel comfortable and I trust his work to always be the best. Patrick F Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 09/11/2019 I would give six stars if I could. I came in for my cleaning from Jessica. Believe it or not, I was unable to unwind, enjoyed catching up, and was in and out on time. Thanks for having great employees like Jessica on your staff. Greg L Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 09/11/2019 Oops they did it again, friendly complete performance as usual, from office staff to dental technician. Eric O Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 09/10/2019 I have regular cleanings every three months. I appreciate the care and quality of the services provided by Dr Roth and staff to keep my teeth and gums healthy. I value this partnership. Marcy G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/27/2019 Great job, and completely satisfied. Alan V Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/26/2019 Great office staff never any problems. Dr makes you feel comfortable. Mike B Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/21/2019 Nice office and really professional staff. A++++ Louis B Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/19/2019 As always doc and crew are top notch. Matt B Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/19/2019 Dr. Roth was incredibly personal and made me feel super comfortable. I was in and out of there really fast. Lindsey F Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/14/2019 Dr. Roth and staff are very friendly and made you feel comfortable. The staff keeps you involved and converse with you to make you relevant and not just a customer. Not your regular dental office, felt appreciated. Nick C Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/10/2019 Excellent Service and completely satisfied. Alan V Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/09/2019 I went with my sister awhile back. Felt so comfortable with Dr. Roth and his staff made an appointment for myself. I am not disappointed. Very kind and caring from the moment you walk in the door. Mary D Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/07/2019 Professional and friendly. Great cleaning and conversation every time! C W Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/07/2019 Professional and friendly. Thorough cleaning every time! Excellent service. D G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/06/2019 Always such a friendly place, with the most competent staff and most comfortable setting. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Roth and his team! Kristen T Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 08/01/2019 I never dread going to the dentist. I enjoy seeing Sean Roth, Jessica, and the entire staff! Everyone is fabulous and they keep my smile pain free!! Tina K Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/30/2019 Broke an old crown and had to get a new one. Went in for an evaluation. Dr. Roth asked me if I had time and said that he would squeeze me in and do it now.. What a relief ! He numbed me up, removed what as left of the old crown and made a temporary. I was in and out in less than 90 minutes. Absolutely no pain during the procedure and no pain the day after. I love this dentist and his super great staff ! :) Ed C Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/24/2019 This was my first cleaning with this Hygienist. She was patient, thorough, and the cleaning was painless. Bob D Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/16/2019 I have to say that my experience is pleasant and not at all scary. It is very friendly and cordial which takes the edge of the anxiety of going to the dentist. Thanks for the professional staff. I recommend to my husband to join me to be a new patient. Kim R Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/12/2019 As a child I had very traumatic experiences that led to the fear of a dentist. So as a young adult I would only go to a dentist if I had severe pain which brought on major anxiety. Until I met Dr. Roth who makes me feel safe with the latest equipment and techniques, no more invasive mouth pieces, I am comfortable in the process of my treatment plan. I am able to trust Dr. Roth and his staff with confidence of knowing they truly care about me and me experience with them. As you can imagine my dental needs increased thru the years and i needed much work. Currently today I now routinely visit and have healthy teeth.I love my smile. Thank you Dr. Roth

your fan Lisa Neuman
Lisa N Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 07/10/2019 Dr. Roth has provided excellent care for myself and my wife for several years. While we have always been pleased by the service we have received, it is time to acknowledge work that goes beyond the expectation of any organization or profession. Dr. Roth has provided free dental care on a mission to Africa. When we had a student that we brought from Kenya, Dr. Roth offered to provide a free dental exam. We were able to take advantage of the opportunity. This was the first dental appointment from our Kenyan student, Lydiah. From the very start, the relieved her fears, listened carefully, and showed absolute total support. Dr. Roth was so friendly and supportive, providing care that he did not need to do.

The hygienist are top notch and always provide the best of care. The particular care from the hygienist with Lydiah during her cleaning was incredible. She was so caring and helpful, describing all of the procedures and tools that would be used. She followed through with recommendations to Dr. Roth that were followed. Lydiah has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. Roth and his team!
John C Rateabiz Review
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A Beautiful Smile Is Waiting For You
A Beautiful Smile Is Waiting For You

Our office provides smile makeovers to achieve the beautiful, natural look you seek. We can reshape your natural teeth to make them straighter or more youthful in appearance. Our office makes it convenient to those living in or near Folsom to receive great cosmetic dentistry!