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Dentist Reviews
Sean A. Roth Reviews
2310 E. Bidwell St., #100, Folsom, CA 95630
based upon 23 reviews.
5 / 5
based upon 38 reviews.
5 / 5 Yelp 5 Stars
based upon 26 reviews.
4.9 / 5
based upon 879 reviews.
5 / 5
based upon 7 reviews.
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Posted On: 12/17/2018 I have been going to Dr. Roth for about 5 years and it is always a pleasurable and relatively pain free experience. Susan G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/17/2018 Dr. Roth and staff are the best!! I would 1000% recommend them to anyone searching for a dentist. Max W Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/17/2018 Everyone at the office has been very professional and knowledgeable at both of my appointments there. Justin G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/14/2018 I've had some good dentists and some not so good. Dr. Roth and his team are truly heads and shoulders above any I've ever experienced in the past. While everyone is super caring and nice, its equally important how skilled and professional they are. So glad I moved here! Kevin B Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/14/2018 I have been going to Dr Roth for many years now. I went today to get some teeth filled. He did a great job and there was no pain involved in the process. Dr. Roth and his team are friendly and do a great job. If you want a great dentist, choose Dr. Roth. David P Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/13/2018 Dr. Roth and his staff are always so kind and professional. I went in for a replacement filling today and they took their time. The office staff are always pleasant. Lexi G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/13/2018 Dr. Roth and his staff are always so kind and professional. I went in for a replacement filling today and they took their time. The office staff are always pleasant. I was just a little surprised that Dr. Roth didn't do my filling and a hygienist placed the filling and that he didn't check it. The staff seem highly qualified so I'm sure it's just as though Dr. did it. They even took care of a little broken filling on the adjacent tooth at no charge. Lexi G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/13/2018 Excellent staff and outstanding dentist. Sean Roth D.D.S. has a gentle touch and is highly qualified. I was very happy with the service provided and liked very much that his office had up to date and modern equipment. Ward & Julie Jones / O Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/10/2018 Very Satisfied! Sandra W Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/06/2018 Thank you for taking the extra time to insure my bite was corrected! Pamela N Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/05/2018 Dr. Sean Roth and his entire team have created a extremely well organized, professional, and friendly dental practice in Folsom. From their first-class facility and equipment, to the care they take with patients from the start of the dental visit to the conclusion, no details are missed in providing the patient with the highest quality of dental care. Dr. Roth and his team have provided my dental care for about a decade, and I credit them for preserving both my dental health and my smile. Brian H Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/03/2018 Dr Roths office is always a pleasure to visit. I live 1.5 hours away and still think this office is the best! Everyone is so friendly and Dr Roth has awesome bedside manner. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a new dental experience! Rebecca K Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 12/01/2018 I am always pleased when I come to your office. Everyone is so polite and makes me feel welcome. Pam cleaned my teeth Tuesday. I am so afraid of going to the dentist and my teeth are a mess. She was so kind, gentle and even had me laughing a few times. Faye J Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 11/29/2018 Sean really helped me out. I broke a crown and he made the entire process smooth and easy. His staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. You really get the feeling your in good hands. I've been to a lot of dentists and always felt they didn't know quite what they were doing but Sean has this forward momentum and the ability to explain things that gives me the mental confidence to relax and trust his work. So if you want the real deal this is the place to go. Regular S Google Review
Posted On: 11/29/2018 Recommended Top notch practice all the way around! Liz Campbell G Facebook Review
Posted On: 11/29/2018 I was very happy with my visit today... especially the time I spent with my hygienist. Thank you for the excellent service! Pete K Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 11/26/2018 Knowledgeable, experienced and friendly staff, who start on time and work efficiently. Great office! Troy E Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 11/19/2018 They have a state of the art operation going. They provide detailed x-rays and blown-up pics of every tooth to nail down exactly what and where the problems are. They all seem very knowledgeable. Justin G Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 11/14/2018 This place is simply great. I've been seeing Dr. Roth and his team for a little over a year. Top to bottom, the staff is professional and kind. They also take the time to be through during routine cleanings. Glad I found them! Joe P Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 11/08/2018 Had another dentist in the are tell me I needed 10 crowns for my teeth! Scared me away from a dentist for 2 years. Dr Roth looked at my mouth and no you don’t need any now! In the long run I have had to have 3 but in the time needed! He cares about his pts. His office staff rocks too! Makes you feel like part of the family! True be told because of Dr Roth my oldest son is now at UOP pre dental! His example is that great! I will be going to Dr. Roth until he doesn’t want to do this anymore. Is great for adults and kids. Cynthia E Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 11/07/2018 Fantastic Customer Service. Very good diagnosis and answered all my questions. Colin O Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 11/07/2018 My experience today was 5 star but I especially want to compliment the young lady that first took me back. took x-rays and then assisted with the filling. I can't remember her exact name -- Regina maybe but her middle name was Carol. She was very friendly, courteous and helpful and went out of her way to put me at ease. The other young lady who actually did the filling was excellent as well. Her name was Candie. It's always a pleasure coming to Dr. Roth's office. Carol L Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 10/18/2018 Good day at the dentist. The staff was prompt, knowledgeable, informative and friendly. Dr. Roth is easy to communicate with, and decisive. No B.S. Bruce L Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 10/08/2018 I've been a patient of Dr. Roth's for some 15 years. I wouldn't go to anyone else!

Today's visit was to look at a tender crown molar and a chipped front tooth. His wonderful assistant (I never got her name, but she was awesome!!) took x-rays and assisted him with the chip repair. He referred me across the hall to have a root canal consultation and his assistant personally walked me over to help me get an appointment!!

Dr. Roth is personable and really treats his patients and staff well. We are a part of his family. I see his senior staff constantly coaching his new staff to foster leadership, responsibility, growth, and community within the office.
Andrea T Rateabiz Review
ROBERT A Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 10/04/2018 Great service, great people Sean A Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 10/04/2018 I had a really great experience on my first visit to Dr. Roth's office. Dr. Roth, Julie and all of the staff were terrific. They even made a special concession to my schedule to fit me in. After years of bragging by my wife about how great her dentist is, I decided it was time to pay a visit. I have been going to a different dental office for years and had become tired of changes (several) in ownership. My visit was pleasant and informative, with a thorough review of my dental x-rays and history. I'm looking forward to many years of future visits. Todd C Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 10/03/2018 Dr Roth, Candi, Kim, and all of the rest of the staff I encountered at the office were very kind, pleasant, and really set you at ease. They take x-rays and pictures so they can explain exactly what needs to be done. Clean office, up-to-date equipment, and professional staff. Definitely would recommend Dr. Roth! Alexandria H Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 10/03/2018 Major dental work has been a part of my life for 60+ years...some of the experiences ranging from OK to really bad (-1)....but never at Dr. Roth's office. He and his staff are always welcoming and professional. My family has been coming here for almost 20 years and we are very happy we found him (them). The whole group is great! I hadn't been back for a year because of life getting in the way. I'm always nervous about dental appointments because of past experiences. But, as usual, everyone made me feel at ease, they accomplished what was needed, and I left feeling great! Always a calming, professional experience here! I have recommended them to friends and co-workers. Paulette L Rateabiz Review
Posted On: 10/01/2018 I absolutely love Dr. Roth and his staff. I am an absolute nervous-Nellie when it comes to the 'torture chair' since I cannot see what is being done to me. Dr Roth's practice has put me at ease and makes it much easier to keep my appointments (I used to cancel them ALL the time for fear of pain and whatever else the DDS might bring). Dr. Roth is so easy going, kind & caring (he even had me bring my son in after an accident; Dr. Roth was off on a holiday weekend, yet made a point to see my son whom he'd never seen before). He jokes around, has a good playlist and is surrounded by fantastic staff. He is fun to interact with and makes you feel comfortable. My last procedure was the replacement of two front crowns which I have been avoiding for years. There was essentially no pain or discomfort even with the numbing injection(s) that had to be given in the upper front gum line. This is all
thanks to PAM who is the BEST Dental Assistant EVER!!! She is the one person I trust to stick a needle in my mouth.

One thing that I truly appreciate is that Dr. Roth and his staff take their time to show you what's going on (digital images, visual aids, etc) in your mouth. They explain why you should have a procedure done but do not push it on you or guilt you into doing something. They are very professional with the way the handle each situation. If they need to consult with an outside vendor they tell you. I feel they truly have the patient's best interest at heart.

Everything is above the bar with Dr. Roth and his practice. If you don't have a dentist, see Dr. Roth. If you already have a dentist, great, but you might want consider checking-out Dr. Roth anyway!
Andrea Y Rateabiz Review
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A Beautiful Smile Is Waiting For You
A Beautiful Smile Is Waiting For You

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